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  2. My love song playlist for ‘The Book of Love’
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  4. Original Film Soundtrack Of The Book of Life Available Now Digitally And On CD On October 27, 2014

"I Will Wait" is a song from The Book of Life (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). Trivia It can be heard 'Cause I will wait, I will wait for you. And I will wait, I will. I Will Wait Lyrics: I'll be bold / As well as strong / And use my head alongside my heart / So tame my flesh / And fix my eyes / A 'Cause I will wait, I will wait for you The Book Of Life (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) () Various Artists. I Will Wait lyrics: I'll be bold As well as strong And use my head alongside my heart So 'Cause I will wait, I will wait for you Popular Book of Life, The Songs.

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I Will Wait For You Book Of Life

Video clip and lyrics I Will Wait For You by The Book of Life. Manolo: I'll kneel down, Know my ground 'Cause I will wait, I will wait for you And I will wait. We love movies. THE BOOK OF LIFE is currently out on Blu-ray and DVD, and in the animated movie produced by in this video interview the lengths they went to convince the band to license "I Will Wait" for the animated. I Will Wait Lyrics by Diego Luna / Joe Matthews / Gustavo Santaolalla on The Book of The Book of Life Soundtrack Lyrics 'Cause I will wait, I will wait for you.

Or are you not seeing things? Come on. Now, today is November 2nd. Does anyone here know why that date is important? Today is The Day of the Dead. Is that national You can't go this way! You will get us both in trouble. Ancient rules of the Well, I suppose I could turn a blind eye, my This place is loco.

Prince Blueblood turned in the direction of Shining Armor and sees that he was getting up.

What A Film About The Day Of The Dead Can Teach Kids About Living

He smiled; glad that his best friend was ok and followed Mayer Mare. Shining Armor heard every word.

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Shining Armor shakenly stood up but what little strength he had quickly disappeared and started falling to the ground. Falling, he was quickly caught by dark blue magic.

It lifted him up and landed him on the back of his father. All in all, he did do great. He was proud of what he did today and was glad his father was proud as well. Shining frowned. Your grandmother was one, I was one, and now my son, it is your turn to continue the tradition.

His father smiled and pointed to Shining Armors back. For on his flank was his cutie mark of three small blue stars and below that, a dark blue shield with a dark purple star on it.

It was a week before the friends could see each other again. And when they finally did, it was to say goodbye to Cadence. Maybe I could see you when I visit. Cadence gave a half-hearted nod in return. They both knew that his advisors would keep him busy enough to keep him indoors. I almost forgot.

We got you a gift! Eyes wide in surprise, Cadence started opening the box.

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When Cadence opened the box, her eyes widened in disbelief. Inside was a small purple baby dragon with green scales. He looked up at the new pony with big green eyes and gave a small smile. How did you get a baby dragon!? It hatched right after she died.

The dragon, nervous with his new environment, started sucking on his tail. Cadence gave one last look at her best friends, and with a teary goodbye, she ran towards the train with Spike on her back. As the train started to leave, Prince Blueblood and Shining Armor raced after the train. As she was sticking her head back in, her blue bow fell out of her hair and into the hoofs of Prince Blueblood. Clutching the bow to his breast, Prince Blueblood made a vow to be the best Prince he could ever be.

For her. Shining Armor continued to run until he reached the end of the platform.

Author's Note: I'm sorry for the lack of update. But life sucks.

Ok, so it's apparently manticore fighting the Sparkle family does. It's weird, but it's going with the story. You would think that with the cutie marks the dad and Shining have, they're destiny's say otherwise, but while the cutie mark depicts your special talent, it does not mean that's what you will do with your life.

Rarity's special talent is gem finding, but she works as a designer and Pinkies special talent is parties but she works at the sugar cube corner.

My love song playlist for ‘The Book of Love’

So that's my reasoning and I'm sticking to it. I know that you think Spike should be paired with Twilight in some way, and your right. But, like I always say, I have a plan Also, this is my first ever action scene, so some critiques would be nice. Critiques for any of this would be nice.

But of course, keep it friendly.

THE BOOK OF LIFE - I WILL WAIT CHORDS by Misc Cartoons @ ovmorandacess.cf

Although he is actually quite a talented bullfighter, he simply cannot bring himself to "finish the bull" at the end of the fight, becoming a huge disappointment to his father.

Joaquin on the other hand becomes a great hero but always feels he is living in the shadow of his father, the man who defeated the feared bandido Chacal. Joaquin also has a secret medal given to him by Xibalba as a kid, which doesn't let any harm come to him as long as he's wearing it.

So there's a part of him that struggles with knowing that his title of hero isn't really merited unlike his father's. With Maria, the struggle lies in deciding between what she wants and her duty to her family and town. While she has true feelings for Manolo, Joaquin is who her father wants her to marry because it would mean keeping him in town to protect everyone from the threat of Chacal.

With help from their ancestors, all three discover throughout their adventure that while it is important to remember your family and their legacy, everyone must "write their own story. While recent animated movies like "Brave" and "Frozen" have made a case for strong female role models for children, it is refreshing to see a Latina in this role. Since then the Day of the Dead has meant a great deal to him.

Original Film Soundtrack Of The Book of Life Available Now Digitally And On CD On October 27, 2014

Read below for five reasons why everyone should watch "The Book of Life. But the film takes it much further than that. It is one big celebration of Mexican culture, from Mariachis to Lucha Libre.

Since the Day of the Dead is becoming a more popular holiday in the U. Although the concept may sound macabre to some, the movie does a beautiful job of making death colorful. It is one vibrant party ruled over by the beautiful La Muerte. Manolo comes from a long line of famous bullfighters but his true passion is music, and Maria.

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